SB 536

SB 536 – This bill would ban single-use plastic bags in grocery stores and some other retail establishments, which would help reduce the number of plastic bags entering our waterways, polluting the food chain, and and clogging our landfills. Sierra Club position: Support.

Update –
SB 536 died late in the session likely just one vote short of passage in the Senate, though a vote was not held. It received strong opposition from out-of-state plastic bag manufacturers. An alternative approach to create a plastic bag ban only if plastic bag recycling rates did not reach a certain level also stalled. Without a statewide ban, cities and other municipalities are likely to institute local bans. Read more here.


One Response to SB 536

  1. […] legislation to ban single-use plastic bags appears to be stalled, as is a bill that would stimulate green job creation by requiring energy […]

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